Dr. Still has been an outstanding practitioner who puts the "care" back into the "patient care." She is very attentive to both my mother and my needs and aches during our individual sessions. She is thorough and professional when it comes to examinations and treatments. As I was going out of town soon, Dr. Still was very helpful in scheduling that meets my timeline.

On top of that, Dr. Still treats the patients holistically and provides information and resources that will enable the patients to get well on all levels.

In my mother's case, although she is not quite fluent in English yet, Dr. Still has been very accommodating and understanding to allow me to provide English translations. Pretty soon, Dr. Still and my mom could communicate amongst themselves.

I highly recommend any new patients and their friends and families to visit Dr. Still when the need arises. A big thumbs up for Dr. Still!

--Alice Liu

Elena not only helped me enormously with my chronic back pain, but also taught me a lot about my back as it relates to the rest of my body's well-being, and how to take better care of my back/spine and body in general. I also learned a great deal from her with regard to physical and mental wellness and how important maintenance and self-care are to a healthy, happy life. I recommend her highly to everyone wanting to improve his or her life in any fashion.


Dr. Still always puts a spring in my step. I feel lighter and more flexible when I leave her office. It's a great feeling to be able to turn your head from side to side with no neck pain, and she's great for my hips too!! Dr. Still is the only doctor I actually enjoy visiting. Thanks Dr. Still!! :)


Dr. Still has been a great help to me on many fronts as I have both narcolepsy that has caused me loss of energy/constant fatigue and back/neck pain due to improper posture.

In my case I went to Dr. Still to get some relief from the back/neck pain. She was able to not only relieve the problem, but diagnose its cause. She even had me bring in my shoes and showed me how my being out of alignment had caused the soles of my shoes to wear unevenly.

Then to top that off Dr. Still was able relieve my narcolepsy symptoms. I would leave a session and feel like I just woke from a long sleep and all refreshed, able to get through several days without medication. Unfortunately not much is known about narcolepsy, but Dr. Still was able discover there is surely a connection between the body's alignment and its symptoms.

A.J. McCann

Plano, TX

I've seen a handful of chiropractors in my time but I've found the chiropractor with the mostest [sic] in Dr. Still. More often than not, with former chiropractors, I found that I would tense up and become more stressed by their method of treatment. I find Dr. Still's activator method to be more effective for me than the other methods employed in the past. In fact, I find that this is more of a spa-like way to achieve similar results and I find that my adjustments hold longer because it's less jarring to me both physically and psychologically. I also enjoy Dr. Still's philosophy regarding her treatment plans. She works with you so that your recovery is custom designed to fit your individual needs and she prefers a more holistic approach to healing, which I prefer. When I hurt my foot playing Dance Dance Revolution she was the first person I called. She squashed my stubborn insistence that I still continue hitting the gym and suggested more viable forms of exercise to aid in my recovery. Thank you Dr. Still!


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